What Should Your Facebook Profile Look Like?

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Hello Everyone,

Your Facebook profile is very important for others to get to know who you are. If your profile is not set up correctly you will have visitors judging everything else but YOU!

What do I mean about that? I see most people set up their profile 20% THEM and 80% THEIR BUSINESS! When a visitor comes to that type of profile they judge the business before they judge the person. Putting your business in your profile page doesn't separate you from your competition. Another issue I see with most people that they use their company LOGO as a profile picture. This is even worse than putting your business in your profile because they will judge your picture before looking at your profile page. Another one that I see that most people do is they put 6, 8 and/or up to 10 links to their website. This will scare a visitor when they see this because that is a sign of desperation or THROWING UP!

So let me show you how to set up your Facebook profile the right way. You see, you want your visitor to JUDGE YOU not your BUSINESS! Why? This is a RELATIONSHIP BUSINESS not let me show you what I do and then get to know me. The first thing you should do is to get a good picture of yourself with a good background. Now I don't mean a picture of yourself with your company banner behind you but with a goal. For example, My picture is myself with a BMW that I want. It sparks up conversation and makes your visitor curious. Another good background is a place that you like or want to go ( beach, cruise etc. ). The next thing you should do is to place a message below your picture describing a purpose and directing your visitor to a blog where they can learn more about you. If you don't have a blog DON"T send them to your company website. Make sure when you set your Facebook account you know WHY you are setting up your profile. For example I call myself Facebook Specialist because I teach others how to market on Facebook. You may be there to develop good friendships, specialty, etc. just place it there.

The next thing you should do is to write a bio about yourself. It should not be 10 or 20 paragraphs long, it should tell a short story about yourself. Pretend like you are talking to your visitor, it makes it easier to type your bio. DON'T TALK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS but you can talk about why you are involved with a Home-Based Business or Direct Sales. Remember tell a story! And last your links should go to a blog NOT YOUR BUSINESS! You want your visitor to get to know you NOT YOUR BUSINESS!

Remember you want to show value to your visitor so that you can stand out from the other 97% that put 100 links and their company banner. If you are brand new and are wondering how you can show value, pick up an e-book or a course on a marketing strategy and teach it for FREE! That is ATTRACTION MARKETING my friend!

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