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Internet marketing is very vital if you want to survive the rat race. Let us discuss some tips on increasing traffic on your web page. These tips with regards to advertising have been proven to work.

Optimize your search engine. This tactic should be used in every sort of promotion being done. With this, the search engines will know what the content of your web page is. You never know, your site could in fact have a high ranking on a search engine. You see, when people search a particular keyword and your site is on the first five results, you have a high chance of being clicked by the person searching, which means your traffic increases.

Advertise on pay-per-click (PPC) programs such as Yahoo Marketing or Google AdWords, which are the largest of its kind in the World Wide Web.

Links for your page are posted in their sites and when a user clicks on these links, it takes them to your page, you pay only if somebody clicks on your link.

There are many other companies that offer advertising services but at a much cheaper costs.

Email marketing or accumulating a sizable email list is an effective way of making money and direct traffic to your web site. Instead of endorsing product links from affiliates, you can write a blog then publish it through your email list; these are the people who subscribed to your blog.

Article marketing is a useful way of creating back links to your page. The larger the number of articles you post on the web that have links that point to your web page the higher the traffic that is drawn to you. These articles have a word or phrase either in the beginning or in the end where they harbor links (these are colored blue) to your page. If you get these articles published in an article directory of a good quality, they can also rank high for those targeted keywords just as in search engine optimization. Thus your objective is to get as many articles published in these directories as can be managed.

Social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter has millions of visitors each month of the year. You can interact with individuals as well as use it to usher traffic into your page by making posts about your business. Some people post photos of their products and tag them.

Last but not the least; you can use video marketing to draw traffic to you. Create a video of your product or service, post it into a video hosting site like YouTube, and embed it into your page.

Use video marketing in you web site now. Hire a server that has flash streaming hosting. A flash streaming server will host your videos online.

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