Three Reasons Why Bloggers Fail

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Blogs are started everyday, and yet, with the million of blogs that get started, very few go on to become commercially viable, or even get glanced at. Why? Because as much as blogging is about TRAFFIC, and CONTENT, it is about having the right mindset to take an idea, and put it into action with the ability to make a profit from it. There are, however, three reasons why bloggers fail.

Let's briefly go over the main points.

There are three reasons why bloggers fail....

1) They feel the market is saturated, and there is no room for another blog in that market.

2) They ask, "Why would anyone want to read what I've got to say on the topic?"

3) They think that they can't be original in that niche, as everyone is doing the same.

Let's just extend each point a little....

1) In any market, there is always room for one more take on a subject. In the internet marketing niche, the market is crammed with bloggers offering content on how to make money online, and there will always be a new take on an old subject. So don't feel that you can't offer something new, or won't be looked at.

Of course, you do have to look at branding...

2) Why would anyone want to read my content? Simple. People love reading new stuff. And if you have a new angle on something, then all the better. So don't fret that you won't get anyone reading your blog. It's likely that whilst you won't get 10, 000,000 people reading it, you will get at least more than 10 reading it. 10 is better than none.

3) Can you be original in a saturated niche? Yes. It's all about branding, and perception of something new. A teacher used to say to me at university, No content is 'new' it's just perceived as 'new.' Most content is just a rebranding of something else.

Think of POP MUSIC, FILMS, BOOKS, they are the same old stories rehashed and remade.

So, as long as you can pick out a branding angle for your product, i.e, your blog, then you have just a good a chance as any of gaining a readership.

I hope that's a little inspiration to get you started and to understand the top reasons why bloggers fail at blogging.

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