On Blogging and Creating a Blog You Love

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Why do we think about writing, and then as writers, we begin think about blogging or creating a blog? Perhaps because it is so easy and perhaps because it is something we can do as a writer for a greater network than what we originally thought possible. The trouble with a blog that most writers find is that it takes away from the time that they have to write the work they need to write.

So then the question becomes how do we go about creating a blog? More to the point how do we create a blog that we love to write on and will not feel it is wasted time and effort?

Writing a blog is simple really, but creating a blog is harder. At least one which, we can really enjoy.

For the ones who aren't technically minded, there is blogger, WordPress, and typepad, or you can, if you are more technically inclined, create one yourself. For most writers, simple getting an account with any one of the many free blogging platforms will do for them and for the long-term. They are often happy with the templates offered and usually will not change much.

As for blogging, I also believe this is the way we showcase our work to people, it is our way to show that we have "got" what it takes, for example, people can "Stumble Upon" a blog, and rate it, but they can participate in this blog.

So how does that help me? this is usually the second question a writer asks. It is not unlike publishing a book, but in many ways it is a bit harder, as you do all the work, promoting it, writing it, and editing it.

Blogging is the one way people can connect and they way that people connect is by writing a blog that people need to go and see. Then it is up to the writer to commit to writing content on a regular basis and continue to write content that people will comeback and read.

This is not to suggest that you will make money, and it should not be the main focus of writing a blog, it should be because you are writing about a topic which you love to write about. Some might suggest writing as a topic. Others will say it is about the art of blogging, but whatever the reasons for your blog, you will need to create one and love what you are writing on it each day.

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