What Should Your Facebook Profile Look Like?

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Hello Everyone,

Your Facebook profile is very important for others to get to know who you are. If your profile is not set up correctly you will have visitors judging everything else but YOU!

What do I mean about that? I see most people set up their profile 20% THEM and 80% THEIR BUSINESS! When a visitor comes to that type of profile they judge the business before they judge the person. Putting your business in your profile page doesn't separate you from your competition. Another issue I see with most people that they use their company LOGO as a profile picture. This is even worse than putting your business in your profile because they will judge your picture before looking at your profile page. Another one that I see that most people do is they put 6, 8 and/or up to 10 links to their website. This will scare a visitor when they see this because that is a sign of desperation or THROWING UP!

So let me show you how to set up your Facebook profile the right way. You see, you want your visitor to JUDGE YOU not your BUSINESS! Why? This is a RELATIONSHIP BUSINESS not let me show you what I do and then get to know me. The first thing you should do is to get a good picture of yourself with a good background. Now I don't mean a picture of yourself with your company banner behind you but with a goal. For example, My picture is myself with a BMW that I want. It sparks up conversation and makes your visitor curious. Another good background is a place that you like or want to go ( beach, cruise etc. ). The next thing you should do is to place a message below your picture describing a purpose and directing your visitor to a blog where they can learn more about you. If you don't have a blog DON"T send them to your company website. Make sure when you set your Facebook account you know WHY you are setting up your profile. For example I call myself Facebook Specialist because I teach others how to market on Facebook. You may be there to develop good friendships, specialty, etc. just place it there.

The next thing you should do is to write a bio about yourself. It should not be 10 or 20 paragraphs long, it should tell a short story about yourself. Pretend like you are talking to your visitor, it makes it easier to type your bio. DON'T TALK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS but you can talk about why you are involved with a Home-Based Business or Direct Sales. Remember tell a story! And last your links should go to a blog NOT YOUR BUSINESS! You want your visitor to get to know you NOT YOUR BUSINESS!

Remember you want to show value to your visitor so that you can stand out from the other 97% that put 100 links and their company banner. If you are brand new and are wondering how you can show value, pick up an e-book or a course on a marketing strategy and teach it for FREE! That is ATTRACTION MARKETING my friend!

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Social Networking: A Prevalent Phenomenon

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"Social networking is in its infancy and I'm guessing it will become as widespread as email," - Richard Kimb

By definition a social network is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social relations among people, e.g., who share interests and/or activities.
The above said statement by Mr. Richard Kimb has been rightly quoted, what Mr. Richard believes in is surely on its way to reality. According to SocialTwist.com, Internet sharing trends have shifted heavily toward social networking. A statistical report highlighting Social Networking Trends by Bob Hazlett has showcased very astonishing results. According to him, Facebook has more than 60 million active users worldwide, with their numbers doubling every six months. Myspace on the other hand has more than 110 million monthly active users around the globe. Twitter has become the most effective tool for click-through. All these statistics have a story to tell; social networking which began as a humble approach in the late 90s has been metamorphosed into something extraordinary. In simple layman's language, it has become a medium for expressing human emotions.

This service is designed to be very user friendly and simple in layout. It generally requests the user to create a profile of them and mention their details and socially shareable information as per their personal interest. Once the profile has been created people can connect with other users of the website. Many social connecting websites are available in the cyber space, but the most prominent ones are Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Hi5 and Bebo to name a few. In this modern age sharp edged competition has kept these e-networks on their toes, in the attempt to attract maximum traffic these websites often come up with innovative ideas for which they are handsomely rewarded. For example, Facebook started allowing users share information present anywhere on the internet via the website's "Share" feature, this made the website engaging and subsequently lead to its percentage increase of market share, especially in India. A host of other activities like playing games, chatting with friends, exchanging mails, watching videos, reading articles, etcetera can be done when on a social networking website.

The rise of cyberspace networking has influenced the functioning of various sectors around us. Nowadays, people use social networks to enhance their business and brand value. Online tutors are available nowadays which make use of these networking sites to interact with their pupils efficiently. The list is endless, but as goes the saying "Each coin has two sides", this medium has its share of flaws too. Since social networking has become prominent there has been a tremendous rise in the rates of cyber thefts reported. Also a steep increase has been reported in cases of internet addiction disorder (IAD). Social Networking true to the sense has dissolved geographical limitations and has definitely made relationships closer but it resulted in certain bad experiences too. This medium has tremendous potential but only if used wisely.

Social networking also went one step ahead with people using websites to manage their bookmarks which are similar to favorite pages which was managed in the web browser till date.

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Obama's Custom Social Network

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The recent years have seen a lot of entrepreneurs moving to online platforms to grow their business. Specifically, by using social media websites to establish a profile and brand for their company online. The importance of using social networking sites has become apparent to business owners, but unfortunately a lot of bad advice is out there on how to grow a custom social network.

I've spent five years studying and participating in social networking websites, and can tell you that most of the "new" advice out there on social media marketing is wrong! In fact, "experts" are having you chase around things that can have little growth affect on your business. So what's the key to social media success? To use social networking websites to build and foster a community!

One of the most important justifications I've ever seen behind this was with Barack Obama's 2008 political campaign. The election was the first to massively use social networking sites to connect with people. No matter what your political views are, his case is a case worth studying when trying to figure out how to launch your social networking campaign.

His campaign leaders recognized the importance of social networking (which later polls would show was one of the key reasons he won) early on in the election. They went out and actually hired one of Facebook's co-founders, Chris Hughes, to run the online portion of their campaign. Now remember, we are dealing with a people who had millions of advertising dollars at hand, and almost unlimited resources and technology to reach out to people. Hughes, however, knew what Facebook (and all social networking sites) was designed for and launched a different campaign idea.

His main focus was to build a strong social community around Obama. He set up the main website for Obama as its own custom social network, allowing people to register and design profiles based around the candidate, and to invite their friends to participate. Hughes knew the importance of viral marketing, and the importance of giving people the controlled power to promote their thoughts and ideas (centered on the candidate's ideas). Hughes made sure that all of Obama's Facebook, Twitter, pod casts, and other social media forums reflected the same goal, to build an online community for the offline election.

Now, Hughes did use paid advertising on Facebook, but only after the initial community had been set up. The secret to Barack Obama's online success was through building an online community around his ideas and campaigns. Hughes knew that social networking websites were designed for people to interact in online communities, and structured Obama's presence accordingly. When you build a community around your business, you're giving people the power to do all the work for you, like in Obama's case.

As Obama's campaign ended, Chris Hughes came forward with the numbers he generated for the campaign. The users on his website had created more than 2 million profiles, partook in the planning of over 200,000 offline events, formed 35,000 separate groups, posted nearly 400,000 blogs, and raised $30 million on 70,000 personal fund raising pages.

Instead of trying to sell to the community that is already online looking for your product or service, you need to become a part of that community, as the expert (or a expert) in your niche. Once you have established a community around your business, you will be able to grow (and sell) your business in ways that people only imagined before.

-Jerry Nihen

Jerry Nihen runs the popular website Jay Nine Lessons. Want to learn more ways that social networking can benefit your business? Discover the secrets behind social networking for businesses at http://www.jayninelessons.com

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How to Get Traffic to Your Facebook Fan Page

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Ok, so I am going to discuss this assuming you have a Facebook fan page already. Once you have your page live and have about 50 to 100 friends on you page go to fiverr.com and click on the advertising link on the right. Type in Facebook and you will see people coming up with posts saying what they will do for a $5 a lots of people say things like this: "I will invite my 15000 Facebook Friends in your Group or Fan Page for $5." For a $5 how could we go wrong? So for example, if we spend $25 look how many people are going to our fan page.

You can have a look around on fiverr.com, you can find people who will to do anything for you for just $5! It's great value you could even get people to post on there wall about your website and there are even people on there that will tweet out 10 times a day for a week for only $5 do you think this will bring you traffic? My guess is yes, it will.

You can also get people to write articles make videos and even build your word press site for you and all this is $5! You can bet that the biggest money you're going to lose is only $5. I used to outsource all my stuff on elance.com, now I just use fiverr.com and it's saving me lots of money!

So once you have your Fan page up and you have about 1000 plus fans, you can send them to your website and offer them you affiliate products are if you have your own product you can ask them to buy it, remember there on your fan page they like what you talking about!

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Alan Brown


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Business Blogging Tips - Top 10

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Don't blog when you have nothing to say

Sometimes you may sit down to write a blog post and draw a complete blank. If this is the case, go and do something else, don't feel you have to write a blog post just for the sake of it. Writing a blog post without much thought will only serve to devalue your blog in the eyes of its readers.

Keep it relevant to your business

There's nothing wrong with getting your personality across in your business blog posts but be careful not to overstep the mark. If people are reading your business blog they aren't interested in what you did at the weekend or any other personal information you may want to share; keep that for a separate personal blog.

Lay out your blog posts so they're easy to read

If you want people to actually read your blog posts then make sure you don't put any barriers in their way. Laying out your blog posts using bullet points or numbered lists will help make them easier to read and scan through as opposed to large chunks of text.

Vary your blog posts

If you continually blog about the same topic again and again people will soon get bored with your business blog. It's worthwhile to put some thought into what you're going to write about and whether people will really want to read it. Another good way to vary your blog posts is to share the responsibility with a member of staff.

Monitor your blog comments

Your blog should be an interactive feature on your website so it's good to allow people to comment on your posts. However, you'll need to make sure your content management system is set up so you can review all comments before putting them live on your site.

Commit yourself to blogging

It's easy to start off blogging regularly only to tail off after a few weeks or months. The key to a successful blog is to post regular, relevant and interesting content so it pays to make time to write content on an ongoing basis.

Don't try the hard sell

Using your business blog as simply another chance for a sales pitch will do nothing for your bottom line or credibility. Many small business owners make the mistake of trying the hard sell through their blog posts rather than providing interesting content people want to read.

Quality matters

Your blog is an important part of your business and as such you should treat it professionally. The quality of your spelling and content matters because your blog is a reflection of you and your business. It's wise to get someone else to double check your posts before making them live online.

Make it easy for people to find information

As with your main website the navigation on your blog should be clear and simple. Categorising your blog posts is a good way to make it easy for people to find the content they are interested in.

Add some background information on yourself

Having a picture of yourself and some background information lets people see the person behind the blog. This can help give your business a public face and a friendlier reputation.

Jamie Fairbairn is experienced in local search & online marketing and has worked with many small business owners to improve their search engine rankings over the past 10 years.

Jamie's blog can be found at http://www.searchblogger.co.uk

Visit http://www.searchblogger.co.uk/category/copywriting/ for more hints and tips on business blogging.

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On Blogging and Creating a Blog You Love

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Why do we think about writing, and then as writers, we begin think about blogging or creating a blog? Perhaps because it is so easy and perhaps because it is something we can do as a writer for a greater network than what we originally thought possible. The trouble with a blog that most writers find is that it takes away from the time that they have to write the work they need to write.

So then the question becomes how do we go about creating a blog? More to the point how do we create a blog that we love to write on and will not feel it is wasted time and effort?

Writing a blog is simple really, but creating a blog is harder. At least one which, we can really enjoy.

For the ones who aren't technically minded, there is blogger, WordPress, and typepad, or you can, if you are more technically inclined, create one yourself. For most writers, simple getting an account with any one of the many free blogging platforms will do for them and for the long-term. They are often happy with the templates offered and usually will not change much.

As for blogging, I also believe this is the way we showcase our work to people, it is our way to show that we have "got" what it takes, for example, people can "Stumble Upon" a blog, and rate it, but they can participate in this blog.

So how does that help me? this is usually the second question a writer asks. It is not unlike publishing a book, but in many ways it is a bit harder, as you do all the work, promoting it, writing it, and editing it.

Blogging is the one way people can connect and they way that people connect is by writing a blog that people need to go and see. Then it is up to the writer to commit to writing content on a regular basis and continue to write content that people will comeback and read.

This is not to suggest that you will make money, and it should not be the main focus of writing a blog, it should be because you are writing about a topic which you love to write about. Some might suggest writing as a topic. Others will say it is about the art of blogging, but whatever the reasons for your blog, you will need to create one and love what you are writing on it each day.

Rebecca is the author of many hubs on HubPages where The Fastest and Easiest Way to Make Money with Google AdSense? http://hubpages.com/hub/The-Fastest-Way-To-Make-Money-with-Google-AdSense is found and writes about writing on the blog called: Living a Life of Writing. Rebecca publishes lenses on Squidoo as well where you can read How Squidoo has Helped my business http://www.squidoo.com/how-squidoo-has-helped-my-business.

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Three Reasons Why Bloggers Fail

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Blogs are started everyday, and yet, with the million of blogs that get started, very few go on to become commercially viable, or even get glanced at. Why? Because as much as blogging is about TRAFFIC, and CONTENT, it is about having the right mindset to take an idea, and put it into action with the ability to make a profit from it. There are, however, three reasons why bloggers fail.

Let's briefly go over the main points.

There are three reasons why bloggers fail....

1) They feel the market is saturated, and there is no room for another blog in that market.

2) They ask, "Why would anyone want to read what I've got to say on the topic?"

3) They think that they can't be original in that niche, as everyone is doing the same.

Let's just extend each point a little....

1) In any market, there is always room for one more take on a subject. In the internet marketing niche, the market is crammed with bloggers offering content on how to make money online, and there will always be a new take on an old subject. So don't feel that you can't offer something new, or won't be looked at.

Of course, you do have to look at branding...

2) Why would anyone want to read my content? Simple. People love reading new stuff. And if you have a new angle on something, then all the better. So don't fret that you won't get anyone reading your blog. It's likely that whilst you won't get 10, 000,000 people reading it, you will get at least more than 10 reading it. 10 is better than none.

3) Can you be original in a saturated niche? Yes. It's all about branding, and perception of something new. A teacher used to say to me at university, No content is 'new' it's just perceived as 'new.' Most content is just a rebranding of something else.

Think of POP MUSIC, FILMS, BOOKS, they are the same old stories rehashed and remade.

So, as long as you can pick out a branding angle for your product, i.e, your blog, then you have just a good a chance as any of gaining a readership.

I hope that's a little inspiration to get you started and to understand the top reasons why bloggers fail at blogging.

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IF you are a complete newbie at blogging, and want some more tips, then why not go to this link below and get the full lowdown on starting your own blog.


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The Appeals to Being Your Own Boss

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Chances are if you made it here then you aren't entirely happy with your job situation. Maybe you have a nagging boss, a stressful job, or, due to the economy, you're out of work right now. Regardless of the situation, the reality is that more and more people all around the world are turning to the internet to make a living... and not just a minimum wage salary, you can make 6 figures a year.

This may sound crazy to someone who grew up in a 9-5 state of mind, however, with over 1,500,000,000 unique internet users, you will be working within the largest "market" in the world. Of course, this article isn't going to go on and on about how easy it is to get rich quick online because quite frankly it isn't. Don't let this discourage you however, all it means is that just like any other job, you need to be dedicated to what you are doing. Of course, having your own hours and your own deadlines helps a lot with this.

One of the easiest and most proven ways to make money is by promoting other products and earning affiliate commission on any sales. The ideology behind affiliate marketing is to connect people looking for information to a product that will provide that information. In this way, the producer of the product is happy to get business, the user looking for information is happy when directed to a high quality product, and finally, you are happy because you made up to 75% on the sale.

Of course, this is a simplified version of what you will be doing, however, with the right plan it really is as easy as dedicating time and wanting to succeed.

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Tips On Internet Marketing

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Internet marketing is very vital if you want to survive the rat race. Let us discuss some tips on increasing traffic on your web page. These tips with regards to advertising have been proven to work.

Optimize your search engine. This tactic should be used in every sort of promotion being done. With this, the search engines will know what the content of your web page is. You never know, your site could in fact have a high ranking on a search engine. You see, when people search a particular keyword and your site is on the first five results, you have a high chance of being clicked by the person searching, which means your traffic increases.

Advertise on pay-per-click (PPC) programs such as Yahoo Marketing or Google AdWords, which are the largest of its kind in the World Wide Web.

Links for your page are posted in their sites and when a user clicks on these links, it takes them to your page, you pay only if somebody clicks on your link.

There are many other companies that offer advertising services but at a much cheaper costs.

Email marketing or accumulating a sizable email list is an effective way of making money and direct traffic to your web site. Instead of endorsing product links from affiliates, you can write a blog then publish it through your email list; these are the people who subscribed to your blog.

Article marketing is a useful way of creating back links to your page. The larger the number of articles you post on the web that have links that point to your web page the higher the traffic that is drawn to you. These articles have a word or phrase either in the beginning or in the end where they harbor links (these are colored blue) to your page. If you get these articles published in an article directory of a good quality, they can also rank high for those targeted keywords just as in search engine optimization. Thus your objective is to get as many articles published in these directories as can be managed.

Social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter has millions of visitors each month of the year. You can interact with individuals as well as use it to usher traffic into your page by making posts about your business. Some people post photos of their products and tag them.

Last but not the least; you can use video marketing to draw traffic to you. Create a video of your product or service, post it into a video hosting site like YouTube, and embed it into your page.

Use video marketing in you web site now. Hire a server that has flash streaming hosting. A flash streaming server will host your videos online.

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