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The world is currently submerged under a grave financial crisis and global economies are at the brink of meltdown. Maintaining one's lifestyle has never been harder. And to cope with the harsh times more and more people are betting it all on putting up their own home based business that they think will succeed. But most of these new businesses drown in the competition and devoured by the bigger companies. One great idea to avoid getting washed away by the turbulence is engaging in internet marketing. Professional marketing plans engineered by certified expert internet marketing specialists are the best tools a startup business can use for survival. Search engine optimization assistance is one field where specialists can be of great help.

Search Engine Optimization
The primary strength of the internet is that it allows the publisher to conduct global distribution of information at generally nil marginal cost. This has made online opportunities limitless and more and more companies are now exploiting these potentials to help make their businesses grow. And search engine optimization which aims to have a website or webpage rank high in the result pages of major SMs, is the undoubtedly the best way to make your business known in the virtual universe. And the best way to learn SEO is with the help of an internet marketing specialist.

There are over a billion websites listed with search engines (SMs) and more and more new websites are getting listed each day making the competition very tight and overwhelming. With so many competitors going after the same customer, most businesses, especially startups, find difficulty in getting good positions in the major search engines. Learning SEO and applying its techniques on your own can be advised, but such task can be very grueling and time consuming and you are very prone to making mistakes. Getting the aid of an internet marketing specialist specializing in the field of SM optimization is still the best option.

Certified internet marketing specialists more specifically referred to as search engine optimization experts are adept at strategically improving your search engine ranking. These experts are masters of the tried and tested effective and ethical SEO techniques that can formulate a fool-proof search engine marketing plan that can result in your website pr webpages gaining more top SURP placements than any other plan you could have possibly formulated using other means.

Latest research proves that almost 70% of website traffic is derived from search engines thus making the SMs the best place to start your internet marketing campaign. The major problem however, is that most people only view up to the first three search engine results pages thus making those ranked in the 4th to the latter pages get almost no traffic from the SMs. These is the problem because the less the traffic, the less earnings for the business while the more the traffic, the higher the returns. SEO internet marketing specialists will definitely help you utilize search engines to gain new customers and keep the old ones hooked.

You better be careful in searching for the right internet marketing specialists to partner with because many claim to be experts but only a few know what they are actually doing. The most common mode of operations of such fraudulent claim-to-be-specialists is offering to rewrite the client websites meta-tags and then manually resubmitting it to over thousands of directories and search engines. They claim that this process that they are making available for you at only $35.95 or o will ensure a Top Ten ranking in Google or other major SMs.

The truth is meta-tags have already become a thing of the past. In fact, Google gives almost no attention to them anymore, and so will the other search engines in the very near future. Google is the current king of kings of all search engines and the other SMs are sure to follow Google's footsteps. The greatest threat of tying up with a fake internet marketing specialist is that they can bring your site down instead of improving its performance. Google ban's websites listed on farm-link exchange sites. These free-for-all link exchange sites are where fraudulent specialists will submit your site. They may even be using banned-by-Google auto-submitter tools. Google does these to urge people to refrain from using keyword stuffed meta tags and focus on the real element that drives SM positioning, the content.

Content is king. No website element is more important than content. A real internet marketing specialist will undoubtedly offer rewriting of your content or writing of new content for your website. He will make your content appealing and useful for internet users while at the same time being attractive to search engine spiders.

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Keyword Research For Online Marketing

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Keyword research is a very big part of search engine optimization, and the ultimate success for all online marketing. You can market till your blue in the face, spend thousands of dollars every month, and if you aren't targeting the proper keywords for your market, it won't do a bit of good!

You must continually find good quality keywords that produce results for your goals. Keyword research must become an integral part of your marketing strategy. Your marketing campaigns must be constantly analyzed to ensure you are getting the proper lead attraction you are shooting for. The first step in the process is start slowly, come up with a list of words relating to your particular market. Before blindly marketing you must do the proper research.

There are many good keyword tools out there to choose from. I feel you need to employ several different ones in the beginning.

* Overture Keyword Selector Tool
* Word tracker
* Google AdWords Keyword Tool
* Google Suggest
* Trellian Keyword Discovery Tool
* WordStream Keyword Research Tool

Keeping track of your competition to see what they are doing is all part of the process. You must constantly keep track of how many sites are competing for the same keywords. The ultimate success of any adword campaign requires constant monitoring, and tweaking. Understanding your competition and your own needs are of paramount importance.

So when planning your ad campaign try to target three or four keywords per page, when you get better at it you might add a couple more. If you use too many you run the risk of driving your ranking down. Also remember to use the keywords in the title, description, header, and any other place the particular service your using allows.

Although there are very good services available, in the beginning you should stick to free services in order to build your online presence as cost effectively as possible. The majority have some very good tools available.

So to wrap it up: you need to define your keyword groups and come up with as many different keywords as possible. Do your diligent research to find the best ones, build your campaign around them, and finally do not neglect your monitoring. In PPC advertising you could spend several hundred dollars a day and walk away with virtually nothing to show for it. The old adage of buyer beware is extremely appropriate in any advertising campaign. To your ultimate online success.

Michael Matney Sr. is a personal business coach and mentor to aspiring internet entrepreneurs. I believe a mentor and coach could be the most important decision you make when when starting your internet business. To your ultimate success. Check out my company at For more info on how to get started working with me go to

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Google Online Job - Google Online Home Business

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A Google online job like Google AdSense is suitable for job-seekers and those who would wish to supplement their income by working part time. The simplicity of the program further makes it more attractive for any interested party. Nevertheless, you need to have some idea on search engine optimization to improve the content of your website otherwise you would be forced to spend some more money hiring a Search Engine Optimization consultant. This point is very important, for the total amount of money, which you can earn in a particular period, depends on the content of the website and the number of clicks on the advertisements. The payment threshold is normally $100 and payment is usually via check or bank deposits.

On the other hand, a Google online job such as Google AdWords is not suitable for job-seekers and newbie marketers. This is because you have to pay Google a specified amount of money, every time a visitor clicks on your advertisements that are on the Google website. Whenever, a user searches for a particular keyword, advertisements for the relevant words appear on the search results as sponsored links. The ordering of the advertisement list depends on the other marketers' Pay-per-click bids and the quality score. There is no guarantee that your advertisements will appear in the first page, especially if other internet marketers have outbid you in the advertisements.

Google online jobs such as Google AdSense are suitable for newbie internet marketers. However, there are a lot of requirements and processes that one has to meet in order to gain anything. Firstly, you have your own website, which has to contain high quality content. In addition, you have to sign up with a web hosting company, for them to host your website. If you are broke, then it means you cannot start marketing your products right away. Furthermore, for you to be able to establish a steady income stream, you need to create numerous websites with high quality content. This can be a very tedious and expensive process. Google AdWords is not suitable for job-seekers and newbie marketers, for it requires a huge investment and a high level of marketing expertise for you to make any monetary gains.

We cannot deny the fact that any Google online job could be a great option for work at home opportunities. However, there are even better options available. Online marketing schools offer most of the tools that you would require to get started as an internet marketer. When it comes to developing your website, you do not need to hire a web designer, for they have tools that are suitable for developing your website even if you do not have any knowledge in web design languages. There are also tools that can improve the content of your website in a matter of seconds. In addition, some of these online schools offer services such as free web hosting, thereby ensuring that you save some of your money.

To learn how to build your business and make money online for years to come by means of internet marketing, or more specifically affiliate marketing, visit the Make Money Online Blog. Remember, it takes work and dedication to be successful so you need to be willing to put forth the required effort if you want to be your own boss.

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Buy Targeted Web Traffic?

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Do you want to buy targeted web traffic but don't know where to go? Don't want to spend all the money that's involved with PPC or Adwords? Then don't. You can buy targeted web traffic by not buying it at all. Using online video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo is one of the best ways to drive free, targeted traffic, you can even choose to buy it if you really want to.

Read on to learn how to use free targeted website traffic to increase profits and make more money online. If you have ever considered wanting to buy targeted web traffic then you already know how expensive it can be. Plenty of newbies and intermediate marketers get roped into paying for traffic that doesn't convert, doesn't help their sales and doesn't help their business. Avoiding paying for traffic the best idea possible, instead, try paying for methods that help you gain more free traffic.

This is more like a long term investment and pays off way better in the long run. A great way to get more free targeted web traffic is to go on sites like YouTube or Vimeo and start making videos. These videos more or less can act like "nodes" for funneling traffic to YOUR websites. Video marketing is one of the best ways to send traffic and get more sales to your websites. Make sure you check out all of your options for free targeted web traffic before you spend a lot of money on PPC or expensive media buys that aren't worth the money.

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Create Traffic Building Content For Your Site

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When you want to drive more traffic to your site, you need to learn how to create traffic building content that brings in the viewers. You can build a high traffic website even if this is your first time. There are some things you should learn to do and some things you should avoid doing.

First, writing with keywords is important but you need to learn to use them correctly. What keywords would someone be searching for to help them find your site? What keywords are the most popular and also the most relevant to your site?

Having a content rich site is just as important as having the right keywords. More content doesn't necessarily mean better content. In fact, in some cases, less is more but you need to make sure what you do have is of high quality. It should read well and be free of spelling and grammar mistakes. It should also be relevant to your keywords and topic.

The reader should feel like they are gaining something or learning something from the content on your site. They should feel like they have benefitted by coming to your site or clicking on your link. Your ad is like a promise to what they will see when they come to the site. Don't leave them disappointed; be sure to fulfill the promises that your ads make.

It can also help you have active content such as forums or message boards where people can come to visit, leave their comments and participate in discussions together. When the visitor feels more active in the site itself, it will encourage them to come back again and also to recommend the site to others.

Now that you see how to create traffic building content for your site, you can get started making your sites the best around. Whether you create the content yourself or hire someone to write for you, it's important to build strong, high quality content for your site today.

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Making Most of the Submit URL Directory

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The submit URL directories are very important in case you want to increase the traffic on your website. The increased traffic on the website would simply be translated into an increased sales figure, which would mean more money. The submit URL directory is not the only way of increasing the traffic on your site but it could be used as one of the powerful tools to do so. There are many directories available. Some would be free of charge and some would charge you for submission of you website's URL. The below mentioned points would help you make a prudent choice while looking at the various directory options.

You should know about the directory options which are well known and the most popular one. Even if you have to pay more to these submit URL directories as compared to the others, you should do that as this is worth an investment. This would not only increase the traffic on your site but would make you look good on the search engine result page as well.

The submit URL directory would need certain information over and above the URL of the site. Be very sure that the information that you provide as title, keywords and like should be accurate for getting the most of the submit directory benefits.

The URL submission directories would have their set of rules. If you are not abiding by the rules then you are not only wasting your money but your time as well.

Using the keywords while constructing the site and while providing information to a submit URL directory is of vital importance. Make sure the same is done in a way that it would reflect what your site is all about rather than just being a keyword optimization effort.

Have the website ready before you go for the URL submission directory. The best way to have a simple and workable website is to keep it simple with the least possibly pop ups and links as these would be noting but senseless distractions.

You should know the various Submit URL directory categories and should be able to know which category would suit your site the best.

The author is a professional writer and also fond of diverse writings. Presently writing about Submit URL directory and other online topics.

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Attracting Website Traffic - Where to Start

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So, the challenging question becomes, how do I get hundreds of thousands of people to flood to my site? The answer to this question is as broad as the question itself because there are hundreds of ways to draw people into your site. Some of these traffic generating methods require money, such as PPC, or Pay Per Click, advertising, but there are several ways to generate tons of traffic to your website that won't cost you a dime.

And, in the state of today's economy, getting something for nothing is even more exciting than usual. What are 6 ways to generate traffic on a shoestring budget?

Strategy 1: Basic SEO Traffic Strategies

There is a ton of information out there regarding Search Engine Optimization. It is easy to get caught up in a lot of logistics. So in the beginning, it is best to stick with the basic tried and true SEO elements.

Identify your keywords
Choose a keyword rich URL
Make sure your Meta tags include your keywords
Write a short to the point Meta description
Include keyword rich content on your web pages
Strategy 2: Bi-weekly Craigslist Ads

This strategy is great for local service oriented businesses with new websites. You can post for free in most areas. Word of caution: Do not post your email address. Just direct people to your website.

Strategy 3: Social Bookmarking

By spending a little time creating your accounts and posting your website link, you can generate good back links from high page rank websites. Not only does this help with traffic but it helps with indexing your website pages in the search engines.

Strategy 4: Article Marketing

This must be one of the tried and true methods of building interest in your site and credibility with your brand. There are many websites that accept articles. There are many many people searching for what you have to offer.

Strategy 5: YouTube Videos

Video marketing is going to grow more popular than you can imagine within the next year. Putting a video on YouTube about your website and what you bring to the table is like having a permanent commercial posted online. If it's intriguing enough and your descriptions, keywords, and tags are chosen correctly, you could see some very positive results.

Strategy 6: Blogging and Forum Posting

Do you feel like you have great stuff welling up inside your mind but struggle with writing? Browse blogs and forums related to your niche. Join the discussion. You are bound to find someone saying something that will light a creative fire with you. Next thing you know, you have contributed to the conversation with quality information. It will be written with conviction and have a nice link back to your website if you choose.

Chris Darling founded in an effort to pursue her passions with supporting small local businesses with quality website design solutions. There are many web design firms to choose from and she believes that the best ones will combine a great design with flexible functionality. This is crucial for a small business that may want to add other features down the road. Getting started on the right path can save a lot of money in the future. Learn more about how you can make design meet function at

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