How to Get Traffic to Your Facebook Fan Page

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Ok, so I am going to discuss this assuming you have a Facebook fan page already. Once you have your page live and have about 50 to 100 friends on you page go to and click on the advertising link on the right. Type in Facebook and you will see people coming up with posts saying what they will do for a $5 a lots of people say things like this: "I will invite my 15000 Facebook Friends in your Group or Fan Page for $5." For a $5 how could we go wrong? So for example, if we spend $25 look how many people are going to our fan page.

You can have a look around on, you can find people who will to do anything for you for just $5! It's great value you could even get people to post on there wall about your website and there are even people on there that will tweet out 10 times a day for a week for only $5 do you think this will bring you traffic? My guess is yes, it will.

You can also get people to write articles make videos and even build your word press site for you and all this is $5! You can bet that the biggest money you're going to lose is only $5. I used to outsource all my stuff on, now I just use and it's saving me lots of money!

So once you have your Fan page up and you have about 1000 plus fans, you can send them to your website and offer them you affiliate products are if you have your own product you can ask them to buy it, remember there on your fan page they like what you talking about!

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